Asia’s New Regionalism(s): The Good, the Bad and the Future. A View from Japan

01 March 2017

In recent years, regional integration and cooperation in Asia have gained new momentum, driven by regional organizations (ASEAN) and by the creation of mega Free Trade Areas. All this in the context of a rising India in the international trade and China’s ascent as a global leader with its own regional agenda. While the EU is going through a severe identity crisis, Asia’s new outburst of regionalism attracts much attention. Can the EU and ASEAN projects be compared? Which lessons can be learnt from the EU integration? What is the impact of Asia’s new regionalism for Japan? How will Donald Trump’s policies towards Asia affect the region and, in particular, Japan? Which political, economic and security issues are at stake?



Mie OBA, Professor of International Relations, Tokyo University of Science



Carlo FILIPPINI, Professor of Economics, Bocconi University of Milan


Axel BERKOFSKY, Professor of Japanese and Chinese Studies, University of Pavia; Senior Associate Research Fellow, ISPI


The lecture was held in English. 


The event was organized in partnership with the Embassy of Japan. 

ISPI International Lectures are open to Graduate Students, Post–Docs, professionals with comparable levels of experience and education, who come together in a highly–stimulating environment to discuss their current research and build informal networks with their peers.