The Future of Global Governance in a Changing International Landscape

06 March 2017

Medium and long–term trends seem to converge at an unprecedented pace: from weak economic growth to demographic decline in mature economies; from growing inequalities to the rise of populism and nationalism, to the changing nature of conflicts. All this will make global governance and cooperation harder, fundamentally altering the global landscape. How, and to what extent, will rising powers challenge the international liberal order? Which is the possible impact within states in terms of tensions between governments and societies? How will this affect the use of force by states and other actors? 



Suzanne FRY, Director of the Strategic Futures Group, National Intelligence Council, USA  


Antonio VILLAFRANCA, Research Coordinator, ISPI


The lecture, organized in partnership with the Consulate General of United Sates of America, was held in English 


ISPI International Lectures are open to Graduate Students, Post–Docs, professionals with comparable levels of experience and education, who come together in a highly–stimulating environment to discuss their current research and build informal networks with their peers.