Latin America at a Crossroads - ISPI Report

ISPI Report
01 March 2017

Latin America is at a crossroads. The “golden age” inaugurated with the turn of the new millennium seems a faint memory.

Economies that had grown at a steady pace are now slowing down, while some are in freefall. Politically, the “pink tide” of populist movements is now ebbing. From Brazil to Venezuela, from Argentina to Bolivia, left-leaning leaders across the region seem to have lost their bond with the people.

Their promises of an equitable society through an apparently never-ending redistribution of wealth crashed against the reality of shortsighted and unsustainable policies. Political and social turmoil are heralding an era of changes and – maybe – of new opportunities for Latin America.

And this ‘great transformation’ is precisely what this volume is all about. Where is it leading to? Does it mark the beginning of a new age? Which lessons can be learnt from the past? Leading international scholars and experts scratch beneath the surface of Latin America’s current crisis to have a clearer glimpse of what the future holds and draw policy recommendations, especially for the EU. 


Antonella Mori teaches Macroeconomics and Economic Prospects at Bocconi University in Milan, and Macroeconomics and Political Economy at the Master’s course in Diplomacy at ISPI, where she is Senior Research Fellow in the Latin American area.

Loris Zanatta is Professor of Latin American History at the University of Bologna (Italy). He is author of several books and articles, published in Europe and Latin America, and commentator on Latin America in various media.