High Level Panel on “G7 & Africa”

Tuesday, 9 May, 2017 - 09:15
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Within the framework of the G7 “engagement groups”, on May 5 the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry hosted the Think Tank 7, which involved top representatives and experts from G7 and selected African think tanks. 

The meeting, organized by ISPI, focused on Africa and addressed three main issues related to the Agenda 2030: food security, innovation and mobility.

The themes selected for the T7 are extremely important for the African continent: first of all, the panel discussion addressed food security and the factors that can help Africa to achieve secure access to quality food, a key issue for the development of significant parts of the continent. The innovation, on the other hand, can be an extraordinary opportunity for the growth of many African societies, as demonstrated by a number of new initiatives that have turned into success stories. Mobility, eventually, is a notion that embraces both migration questions: the migrations to leave the continent, and the migrations of an increased number of individuals who choose to move from rural to urban areas. 

While the above three issues were the main focus of the panel discussion, they were addressed within the framework of the broader international agenda, such as security concerns, demographic trends, women’s empowerment, cities and infrastructures. 

The goal of the debate was to identify key areas where the G7 could bring added value. The critical points raised in the Think Tank Summit were then reported to the Italian Sherpa in charge of the preparatory process for the G7 Summit in Taormina.

Experts from G7 and selected African think tanks joined the event as well as representatives of some international organizations:

Atlantic Council (Usa), ODI (UK), CIGI (Canada), GIGA (Germany), JCCP (Japan), ISPI (Italy), FANRPAN (Angola), IMANI (Ghana), OCP Policy Center (Morocco), CPPA (Nigeria), IPAR (Senegal), OSSREA (Ethiopia), kLab (Rwanda), AERC (Kenya), OECD, African Development Bank, FAO, UNECA.

Download here the Panel Background&Agenda as well as the Final Report.

By invitation only.