How to deconstruct the radical narrative? An alternative discourse of Academics and Activists of Muslim Heritage

Monday, 23 March, 2015 - 16:00
Milan, Palazzo Clerici

The discussion has been organized by ISPI, in cooperation with the European Foundation for Democracy, on how Muslim academics and activists can best de-construct the radical narrative that is increasingly proving so attractive to young Muslims across the Western world. The objective is to explore the different US and EU experiences and best practices on the most effective ways to achieve this and consider if there is a need for new and/or different approaches to be considered. 


Guest Speakers: 

Karima BENNOUNEProfessor of international law at the University of California - Davis School of Law


Elham MANEAAssociate Professor of Middle East Studies at Zurich University



Stefano TORELLIISPI Research Fellow 

The European Foundation for Democracy is a Brussels-based policy institute, dedicated to the upholding Europe’s principles of respect for individual freedom and equality of all citizens, regardless of gender, ethnic background or religion. We work with grassroots activists, the media, policy experts, academics, government officials, diplomats and politicians throughout Europe to identify constructive approaches to address a rise in intolerance within society, an increasing sense of conflict and the influence of radical, extremists ideologies worldwide. 


The discussion has beend held in English


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