ISPI School

The ISPI School offers students the opportunity to approach the world of international relations and understand its dynamics. The rich course offerings target a diverse public and cover wide thematic areas such as Humanitarian Emergencies, Development, Diplomacy, and European Affairs.


The courses include:

  • MASTER COURSES (in Italian): annual programmes to explore and master fondamental tools of the international affairs field
  • ADVANCED DIPLOMAS: intensive programmes, available in distance-learning format, for professionals of the cooperation field
  • DIPLOMAS (in Italian): short programmes for students and professionals wishing to gain a better understanding of the world of International Relations
  • WINTER AND SUMMER SCHOOL: a series of thematic two-day courses to "discover" the different aspects of the international arena
  • PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMAS (in Italian): specific training courses for working professionals
  • SPECIFIC COURSE: ECHO HUMANITARIAN ACTION: Intensive course on management of ECHO humanitarian projects
  • EPSO COMPETITION TRAINING PROGRAMME: Intensive course in preparation for the EPSO European selection procedure


The Faculty

ISPI's Faculty gathers scholars, field experts, international officials and NGO operators, in order to provide each class with a sound interdisciplinary approach, combining theory and case analysis, group work and simulations. Additionally, ISPI collaborates with institutions such as the University of York, IOM, FAO, IIHL, Unicef Italia, Celim, OXFAM, CISV, CIRPS, and ECES. Finally, ISPI is the Focal Point in Italy for the Sphere project.



ISPI promotes GLOBE, an Italian periodic information event on how to start a career in International Organizations, NGOs and the field of diplomacy.