Antonio Villafranca, ISPI Research Coordinator and Head of the European Program


 Carlo Altomonte, Associate Senior Research Fellow


 Gian Pietro Fontana-Rava, Senior Advisor


 Francesco Passarelli, Associate Senior Research Fellow


 Lucia Tajoli, Associate Senior Research Fellow 


 Maurizio Ferrera, Scientific Advisor


 Antonio Zotti, Research Fellow - GR:EEN Programme 


 Matteo Villa, Research Fellow - Rastanews Programme


 Gaia Taffoni, Research Trainee


ISPI works in collaboration with major European thinks tanks and universities including:

- Chatham House - London

- European Policy Centre - Brussels

- IFRI - Parigi

- SWP - Berlin

- Universitè Libre of Bruxelles - Brussels

- FRIDE - Madrid

- Universiteit Van Amsterdam - Amsterdam

- University of Warwick - Warwick (UK)

- Boston University - Boston

- Peking University - Beijing

The program on Europe is also a member of the “Advisory Board” of “Europe’s World”

EU Commission (VII Framework Programme) Projects

GR:EEN (Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks) is and international project which wants to assess how the EU can not only defend its own interests in the face of new challenges, but also proactively ensure that European values and objectives influence the way that the global order evolves. GR:EEN does this by first looking inwards to consider how European preferences for forms of transnational governance emerge. The focus here is on how different governance structures have emerged in different policy areas. A key part of the agenda is to consider the nature of EU regional leadership in key policy areas. Here research is focussed on the distribution of power and influence across three key policy areas that affect the lives of everybody on the planet. 


RAstaNEWS (Macro-Risk Assessment and Stabilization Policies with New Early Warning Signals) is an European project aiming at studying the evolving system of economic governance in the EU and how it is likely to affect economic stability in the Union and in individual Member States, taking into account the risks involved and the challenge of solving the debt problem. It also analyses the integration of the decision making processes of economic governance in Europe and the roles of actors involved at national and EU levels, what risks the EU (or the Member States) should absorb, and how the institutional framework can respond to these risks and find solid systemic solutions.

Other projects

Monitoring International policy for the Italian Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Previous projects

2013 - Lavoriamo in Europa (Let's work in Europe) , with the Provinces of Milano, Roma, Pisa and Sassari 

2013-2014 - Youth for europe I and II edition Under the Framework of the Partnership Agreement with DG COMM