Jihadism in Libya. Past, present and future.

Giovedì, 22 Giugno, 2017 - 15:00
Milano, Palazzo Clerici

From the veterans of the 1980s war in Afghanistan to those who flocked to post-invasion Iraq or Syria after 2011, jihadism in Libya today brings together several currents and histories. Who are the key actors and groups within Libya’s jihadist milieu? Which social roots helped birth them? And which generational divides could shape them in future? 



Mary FITZGERALD, Journalist and Researcher specializing in Libya 


Arturo VARVELLI, Expert on Libya and Senior Research Fellow, ISPI 


The lecture was held in English.



ISPI International Lectures are open to Graduate Students, Post–Docs, professionals with comparable levels of experience and education, who come together in a highly–stimulating environment to discuss their current research and build informal networks with their peers.