A New Model of Great Power Relationship and China-US Competition in Asia-Pacific

Venerdì, 22 Novembre, 2013

Suisheng Zhao


While China’s President Xi Jinping has been calling for a new model of great power relationship between China and the US since he came to power, Beijing has been suspicious about the Obama administration’s strategic rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific. For China, the US so-called ‘pivot to Asia’ is nothing less than a policy to contain China’s rise. The Asia-Pacific region, therefore, has become a test ground for China and the US to explore the possibility of building a new model of great-power relationship. Is Obama's strategic rebalance undermining the flimsy strategic trust between the two countries and is it possible for China and the United States to build a new model of great-power relationship to help avoid confrontation and conflict? 

Suisheng Zhao is Professor and Director of the Center for China-US Cooperation at Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, senior fellow at Chahar Institute, and Editor of the "Journal of Contemporary China".



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