Asian Security and the Trouble with North Korea July 2012

North Korea will continue to remain East Asia’s trouble-maker. Pyongyang’s active missile and nuclear programs leave the region’s main powers - China, Japan, South Korea and the ‘offshore balancer’ US - stay on alert, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. Pyongyang has no intention whatsoever to give up and dismantle its missile and nuclear programs as it would leave the country with no bargaining tools to employ for its political blackmail policies. China remains a staunch supporter of the current status quo, i.e. a divided Korean peninsula, not least because a reunified Korea would almost by default become a US ally. Japan on the other hand has lost patience with North Korea long ago. Although a member of the 6-Party Talks, Tokyo’s influence in the multilateral forum has decreased close to zero. While it remains yet to seen whether Pyongyang is in the months ahead prepared to go down that road, it cannot be excluded that the country’s new political leadership decides to conduct a third nuclear test seeking to demonstrate military strength to those who are - at least in principle - prepared to offer economic and financial benefits in return for Pyongyang taking the finger off the trigger.

Axel Berkofsky, ISPI Associate Senior Research Fellow and Director of the ISPI China and South Asia Program, presents the study.



Dealing with North Korea: What’s Coming Next? The Kim is dead, long live the Kim!

Ralph A. Cossa

The world (apparently including the U.S. and South Korean intelligence services) was shocked and surprised on December 19 when a North Korean female newscaster, clad in a black funeral dress, tearfully announced on state TV... continue »

China and North Korea:
always neighbours – always close?

Jonas Parello-Plesner

In early May, when North Korean criminals hijacked three Chinese fishing boats, it was an event that aroused Chinese media and the country’s so-called netizens, i.e. China’s Internet community. The nationalist daily newspaper Global Times talked about... continue »

Japan’s Security Posture in Asia:
Changing tactics or strategy?

Maaike Okano-Heijmans

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North Korea’s Old/New Order
Enemy in the South

Donald Kirk

The campaign of vituperation conducted in the North Korean media against the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, and his government in 2012 was extraordinary even by North Korean standards. Editorialists at «Rodong Sinmun», the party newspaper... continue »


Axel Berkofsky (Head of Research), Ralph A. Cossa, Donald Kirk, Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Jonas Parello-Plesner