Politics and Society in a Changing Russia June 2012

During the last months the Russian political scenario has dramatically changed. In spite of Putin’s new election, a strong and fighting - though still divided - opposition has appeared. Such an evolution has surprised many observers, mainly because investigations of inner dynamics of contemporary Russia are largely neglected. The fluid situation of the country after the electoral contest is the focus of this ISPI Study, which takes into consideration some remarkable political and social issues of a rapidly transforming Russia (civil society, the Internet, middle class, religion). The various papers of this research draw a multifaceted picture of a country whose crucial challenge consists in integrating stability and change. As a matter of fact Russia needs building a positive interaction between power and opposition to implement a process of broad a nd effective modernization; otherwise, its huge natural resources will not save Russia from a path of political, economical, and strategic decline.

Aldo Ferrari, ISPI Associate Senior Research Fellow and director of the ISPI Caucasus and Central Asia Program, presents the study.



Dalla piazza all'impegno civile: la riscoperta della politica in Russia

Anna Zafesova

La protesta a Mosca, nata con le elezioni alla Duma del 4 dicembre 2011, ha inserito la Russia nella lista di quei paesi dove lo scontento di piazza ha condizionato la politica dei palazzi. La “rivoluzione bianca” è imparentata sia con la “rivoluzione arancione” di sei anni fa a Kiev e i mega-comizi della perestroika... continue »

Natura, peso e ruolo della classe media in Russia

Serena Giusti

La questione dello sviluppo di una classe media in Russia è divenuta saliente e ampiamente dibattuta con il diffondersi delle cosiddette proteste di massa che hanno seguito le elezioni alla Duma dell’ottobre 2011, preceduto le elezioni presidenziali di marzo e accompagnato l’insediamento di Vladimir Putin alla presidenza della nazione continue »

The Virtual Freedom of Russia. Has the Uncensored Internet Anything to do with the Recent Protests in Russia?

Maria Goncharenko

The extent of Russian on-off political protests ongoing since December 2011 has astonished experts, politicians and activists themselves. The Russian opposition brings people out to the square notwithstanding the extremely strict or none access to mass media. continua »

The Role of the Orthodox Church in a Changing Russia

Nicolai N. Petro

The end of the Soviet regime has reverberated with an unexpected echo – the rise of Russian Orthodox Church. Flying in the face of social science theory, which predicted that modernization would undermine the plausibility of religion, the Russian Orthodox Church... continue »


Aldo Ferrari (Head of Research), Serena Giusti, Maria Goncharenko, Nicolai N. Petro, Anna Zafesova.