Dynamics of Economic and Political Recomposition
in the Post-Soviet Space
January 2013

The reactions to the project of Eurasian Union, which was announced by Vladimir Putin after declaring his candidacy to the last presidential elections, have been mainly negative. Some observers have charged him of neo-imperialism, others have expressed their open skepticism about the effectiveness of this proposal. Anyway, the project of a new political integration in the post-Soviet space should be seriously considered, mainly because it could offer a strategic - not only ideological - way of exploiting the paramount opportunities offered to Russia by the dramatic rise of the Far East. However, the implementation of such a project needs a new and "creative" attitude by the Russian leadership, both in the domestic sphere and in the relations with neighboring countries. The Eurasian Union makes sense only if it shows a true power of political, economical and cultural attraction.

Aldo Ferrari, ISPI Senior Associate Research Fellow, presents the study.



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The reactions to the project of Eurasian Union, announced by Vladimir Putin after declaring his candidacy to the last presidential elections, has been mainly negative. Some observers... read all

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Aldo Ferrari (Head of Research), Serena Giusti, Yulia Nikitina, Tomislava Penkova, Fabrizio Vielmini